What To Do When Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Walk on a Leash

The leash training for dogs

best leash training tipsPets are the most loving creatures that you can own. They will wage their tails around you and their happiness will be expressed by their wagging tails. It is very important to train your dog in a right way so that you don’t face the problem of running away of dogs. It is very important to teach the dogs to make them stop pulling the leash away.

For the starters, it is very important that they should know to handle the dogs very well. It may happen that being a new pet owner you may not be able to handle the leash so it is essential to handle the dog in a way that it does not run away. It may result in either you being hurt or your dog being lost after running away.

How can you teach your dog to walk on leash?

Extensive training is a pre-requisite when you are going to be a dog owner. But how will you make your dog learn all these things? Here in this guide, we bring to you the tips and tricks to teach your dog well about these training tricks. It is recommended that you teach the dogs in short durations about the training tactics so that they are able to learn quickly without getting bored.

Leash training a dog is very difficult as well and needs to be handled very carefully too. Here are some methods, that you can teach your dog about ;

let’s check out:

  • Training sessions are a must until you make your dog learn to walk right without pulling away
  • With short duration of time, you should make your dog walk by loosening the leash slowly when this happens it should ensure that dog is learning the tricks slowly.
  • It is highly desirable that the dogs should be rewarded like treats as per the orders they follow every time you give them instructions

Make it fast!

never let your dog tug on leash when walkingWhen making your dog learn the leash training slowly works out to be perfect then try heading towards the faster way. After training the dog at a slow pace, start making your moves faster which will make your pooch more dexterous in moving with the leash. There are going to be times when leash training a dog at a faster speed will be quite difficult. You may not be able to handle the dog initially because it will become very prone to run very fast and may even end up barking unruly. During such times become standstill at your place and try to pacify your pet.

When the dog pacifies, try reaching out to it very calmly and then show up with the leash and try to attach it to the pet.